Unleash the Benefits of Awning Windows

Awning windows are similar to casement windows in that they open with a crank handle, but with one major difference: they have hinges at the top of the window, not the sides, so the window opens from the bottom and swings out and up.

Unlike casement windows, awning windows have more width than they do height. Awning windows have a slope to ensure rain slides off the window and not indoors when open.

Homeowners choose awning window replacements for unobstructed views and better ventilation, even during inclement weather. These windows are easy to open and close, and you have the choice to keep the window fully open or only open it a few inches.

Nations Choice Exteriors works with homeowners to provide professional awning window installation in Northern Virginia and awning window repair. Whether you have existing awning windows and need awning window repair or need to replace your windows, we can assist you.

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    Why Choose Awning Windows?

    Awning windows offer some unique benefits compared to other window styles. With awning windows, you see benefits such as:

    More Views and Fresh Air

    Since awning windows don’t have a grid or dual sashes, they don’t restrict views like double-hung windows do. Awning windows allow you to engage more with the outdoors whether the window is open or shut. Of course, all our awning windows come with your choice of screens to keep out pests and provide better security. Need awning window repair in Northern Virginia? We can help you replace glass, screens, and repair locks!

    Create a Custom Configuration

    When it’s time for awning window replacement, Nations Choice Exteriors can help you create the custom configuration that works best for your particular needs. You can combine awning windows with other windows such as casement or double-hung to provide maximum function, ventilation, and views. We can also help you choose the right material, frame, color, finish, and glass for your awning window installation in Northern Virginia.

    More Versatile Applications

    Awning windows can be placed virtually anywhere in a home, whether as a standalone window or in configuration with other windows.

    Consider using awning windows above or below picture or double-hung windows to enjoy more views and fresh air. In this way, awning windows can almost function as a type of skylight.

    Thanks to their single sash, awning windows have a contemporary look with clean lines, making them perfect for modern homes. If you have existing awning-style windows and need awning window repair, we can help you keep your awning windows looking good as new.

    Energy Efficient Seal

    Did you know that by choosing awning window installation, you’re choosing one of the most energy-efficient windows available?

    As a result of their simplistic design, awning windows have a more secure seal than other types of windows. Since Nations Choice Exteriors custom fits your awning windows to your home, you can experience even better protection from the elements and enhanced energy efficiency.

    If your awning-style windows are drafty and not sealing out moisture like they should, it may be time to consider awning window repair in Northern Virginia.

    You can also customize your windows for awning window replacement in Northern Virginia with double-paned glass and impact-resistant features to offer even more efficiency and better security for your home.

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    Best Places to Put an Awning Window

    Awning windows work well in places where other windows wouldn’t be as functional, such as higher on walls. Since they are easy to open, awning windows still provide light and ventilation when placed higher up, but people won’t see inside.

    Since you can choose awning window installation for taller placements, you can arrange your furniture and décor as you see fit rather than having to work around a window opening.

    Awning windows also function well in the kitchen, such as above a sink or countertop, thanks to their versatile size and the fact that they provide fresh air and ventilation when cooking. From acting as a skylight to being a more versatile version of a casement window, you have many options when considering awning windows.

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    We Install and Repair Awning Windows

    Nations Choice Exteriors offers awning window replacement in a variety of materials. Whether you’re thinking of wood, vinyl, or fiberglass, we can help you customize your windows in the material that’s right for you.

    If you need awning window repair for windows that are difficult to open and close or need their glass repaired, we can fix your windows so they continue to provide your home with energy-efficient beauty.

    Contact our professional team at Nations Choice today to get a free, no-obligation estimate for your awning window installation!