Casement Windows

Casement windows are unique in that they open to the left or right and are hinged on the sides. Unlike traditional double-hung windows, casement windows open with a hand crank and extend outward. You can use casement-style windows on their own or in a configuration with other windows, such as picture, double-hung, or geometric windows.

Nations Choice Exteriors offers casement window replacement in Northern Virginia. Whether you’re looking for traditional wood windows or want a modern fiberglass window, our contemporary materials and energy-efficient glass options help you choose the perfect new windows for your casement window installation in Northern Virginia.

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    Why Choose Casement?

    Casement windows are one of the most popular window styles, and for a few important reasons. Casement windows are:

    Easy to Open

    Since casement windows open with a hand crank, homeowners find them easier to open than other types of windows, including double-hung windows, which need to be pushed or pulled open. Casement windows make it simple to open a window with one hand so you can enjoy fresh air with a simple crank. However, if your existing casement windows are difficult to open or are getting stuck open, you may need casement window repair.

    Better Ventilation

    Casement-style windows offer maximum ventilation since they open at a 90-degree angle and can direct air into your home. With casement windows, you can also control how much you want your window open with the hand crank. You can get a bit of fresh air or open the window fully to enjoy maximum air flow. Are your existing casement windows not opening all the way? Nations Choice can fix the problem with casement window repair in Northern Virginia.

    More Views

    When you opt for new casement window replacements, you get unrestricted views. Since casement windows open from the side, they don’t have an additional sash like double-hung windows, which can obstruct your view. Casement windows allow for unhindered viewing, making them popular for framing particular views or as part of bay windows to maximize scenery, ventilation, and beauty.

    Style for Any Home

    Casement windows complement various architectural styles, including historic homes, traditional, craftsman, ranch, and modern. Casement windows also pair well with other window styles. For example, awning, picture, or garden windows can pair well with casement windows to provide function and beauty in a home, allowing you to customize your casement window installation in Northern Virginia.

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    Where Is the Best Placement for Casement Windows?

    Many areas work well for casement window installations. Casement windows work great for:

    Smaller areas

    Casement windows are excellent fits for areas that are too small to accommodate other window styles, such as double-hung windows, which take up more space than casement

    Difficult-to-reach places

    Casement windows are a worthy choice for areas in your home that are hard to reach, such as above sinks and countertops and in rooms with a lot of furniture. Since the hand cranks are at the bottom of the window and easy to turn, casement windows make good choices for areas where you’d otherwise struggle to open a window.

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    Bathrooms and basements

    Homeowners appreciate casement windows in bathrooms and basements thanks to their unrestricted views and better light and airflow in areas that need it most.

    Window configurations

    Casement windows are a popular choice for window configurations, such as bay and bow windows or garden windows, to enhance natural light and fresh air.

    If you have existing casement windows that aren’t working properly and need repairs, Nations Choice offers casement window repair in Northern Virginia. Keeping your casement windows fully functioning isn’t just important for ventilation—it’s also a safety issue if you have casement windows that are meant to be used as egress windows in your home.

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    Learn More About Casement Windows With Us

    Nations Choice is proud to offer casement window installation. We offer casement windows in your choice of affordable vinyl, timeless wood, or durable fiberglass, all with the option to make your glass double or triple-pane for enhanced energy efficiency. Contact us today for replacements, new installation, or repairs in Northern Virginia!