Enchanting Garden Windows

Garden windows are gorgeous, more compact versions of bay windows. Depending on your preferences, garden windows can be square or rectangular. Homeowners choose garden windows to enjoy more light, views, and character in their homes. Since 1993, Nations Choice has provided garden window installation in Northern Virginia in a variety of materials and window styles.

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    Garden Windows vs. Bay Windows

    Although they may look similar, garden windows and bay windows are different.

    Garden windows aren’t as large as bay windows, which makes garden window replacement more affordable. However, garden windows have more glass panels and therefore create more viewing areas. They have a boxy shape compared to bay windows and a sloped window pane that functions as a roof on the top of the window.

    Like bay windows, the center panel of garden windows is traditionally a picture window with the sides being a different style, typically casement windows.

    If you’re trying to decide between bay and garden window installation in Northern Virginia, Nations Choice Exteriors can help you decide on the right window for your needs. We also provide garden window repair in Northern Virginia.

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    Why Choose Garden Windows?

    While garden windows require a bit more maintenance than a double-hung or single-hung window, the benefits make this window well worth it.

    Garden windows also have drainage holes at the bottom to help prevent water damage. If you have existing garden windows that are showing water damage or the casement windows don’t work properly, Nations Choice can assist you with garden window replacement in Northern Virginia.

    So why choose garden windows for your home?

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    Get More Light

    Since garden windows extend out from your home and have four glass panels, they bring in more natural light. When you choose garden window replacement, you can enjoy sunlight from different angles at different times of day. If you have plants in your garden window space, they’ll benefit from getting more light throughout the day too!

    Display a Garden

    Garden windows create a unique space since they extend out. With their sloped glass pane at the top and angled sides, garden windows create a type of box that people like to use for plants, hence the name garden window.

    You can use this shelf-type space for whatever you like, although the ample light makes it perfect for succulents, herbs, flowers, and houseplants. No matter what room you choose for your garden window installation, you can have extra space for plants, photos, books, or other favorite items.

    If your existing garden windows have condensation between glass panes or seem drafty, we can help with repairs for your garden windows.

    See More of the Outdoors

    One of the reasons homeowners choose to replace their existing windows with garden windows is because these windows create more viewing areas. With their additional glass panes, you can see more of your yard or beautiful views from the inside. You can even see the sky through the top panel of glass.

    Garden windows are perfect for watching kids or pets out in the yard. However, they also help make smaller rooms feel bigger because of their added light and views, which helps bring the outdoors safely in.

    Add Character to Your Home

    You can add more character to your home with a new garden window installation. With more light and views, extra storage space, and curb appeal, you can create a lasting impression of your home. If you plan to sell your home in the future, garden windows can be that unique feature that draws potential buyers to your property. Should you have an existing garden window that needs professional repairs, Nations Choice Exteriors provides garden window repair.

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    Where Should You Have a Garden Window Installed?

    You can have garden windows installed virtually anywhere, but they are particularly advantageous when you have them installed on the side of your house that receives ample sunlight throughout the day.

    One of the most popular places for garden windows is over the kitchen sink. Having a garden window over the sink allows someone washing vegetables or dishes an unparalleled view of the yard from inside. Not to mention you can easily access cooking herbs from a garden window space.

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    You can also install your new garden window in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, or play areas for kids. Garden windows make an excellent addition to virtually any space in your home.