Enchanting Garden Windows

Discover the beauty and charm of garden windows, which are miniature versions of bay windows with a square or rectangular design. These windows add extra light, character, and views to your home. Since 1993, Nations Choice Exteriors has provided garden window installations in Northern Virginia using various materials and styles.

Garden Windows vs. Bay Windows

While garden and bay windows may appear alike, they are different. Garden windows are more compact and affordable than larger bay windows. Still, they also offer more glass panels and expanded viewing areas. These windows have a unique square shape with a sloping window pane on the top, in contrast to the rounded form of bay windows.

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The center panel of garden windows is typically a picture window. In contrast, the side panels are often casement windows, which makes them visually appealing. If you’re torn between garden windows and bay windows, let Nations Choice Exteriors help you determine which suits your needs and budget. We also offer garden window repair services in Northern Virginia

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    Unleashing Your Home’s Charm

    Discover the Benefits of Garden Windows

    When choosing a window type for your home, garden windows are often an overlooked option. However, their unique features and aesthetic appeal make them well worth considering. Garden windows require a bit more maintenance than double-hung or single-hung windows, but the benefits are numerous.

    With drainage holes at the bottom, they help prevent water damage and keep your home protected. Suppose you already have garden windows that are showing the damage or have issues with the casement windows. In that case, Nations Choice Exteriors can provide expert garden window repair in Northern Virginia.

    Bring More Light into Your Home

    One of the standout benefits of garden windows is their ability to bring more natural light into your home. Outside your home with four glass panels, garden windows provide sunlight from different angles throughout the day. This extra light can not only enhance the atmosphere of your home but also help any plants in the garden window space thrive.

    Transform Your Space into a Mini-Garden

    Garden windows are named as such for a reason! The sloped glass pane at the top and angled sides of these windows create a unique space perfect for showcasing plants, succulents, herbs, flowers, or any other items you want to display. Whether you install them in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, or play area, garden windows offer extra storage space that’s both functional and attractive.

    Experience a Better View

    Another reason to choose garden windows is the extra viewing area they provide. With additional glass panes, you can see more of your yard or any beautiful views inside your home. The top panel of glass even allows you to see the sky! Garden windows are great for keeping an eye on kids or pets playing outside. Still, they also help smaller rooms feel more extensive and more connected to the outdoors.

    Add Unique Charm to Your Home

    Garden windows are more than just functional windows; they also add character and charm to your home. With their increased light and views, extra storage space, and eye-catching design, garden windows can create a lasting impression and increase the overall appeal of your home. Whether you’re looking to improve your living space or are considering selling your home in the future, garden windows are a wise investment.

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    Expert Solutions for Your Home

    Choosing the Best Location for Your Garden Window

    Garden windows can be installed virtually anywhere in your home. Still, it’s best to choose a location that receives ample sunlight throughout the day for maximum benefit. A popular choice for garden windows is over the kitchen sink, where the view of your yard can be appreciated while washing dishes or vegetables. You can also install garden windows in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, or play areas to add a touch of beauty and functionality.

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