Unleash the Unique with Geometric Windows

If you want windows that are a bit different than traditional styles, geometric windows deliver. Also called architectural or specialty-shaped windows, geometric windows come in various shapes and sizes, all custom-made for your home.

Nations Choice Exteriors offers geometric window replacement as well as new installation and repair. Whether you have a historic or contemporary home, geometric window installation in Northern Virginia may be the right choice for you if you’re looking for a window that will bring out your home’s stunning features.

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    Types of Geometric Windows

    The beauty of geometric windows is that they can be custom-made to come in virtually any shape and size. Nations Choice exclusively provides custom-made windows, so we can make your windows or provide geometric window repair in Northern Virginia for shapes such as:
    • Circular, including half circle, quarter circle, and circle top
    • Diamond
    • Elliptical
    • Eyebrow, including extended eyebrow
    • Octagonal
    • Oval
    • Palladian arch
    • Pentagon
    • Rectangle
    • Transom, including arch transom, segmented arch transom, and trapezoid transom
    • Triangular
    • Trapezoidal, including clip trapezoid

    When you choose geometric window installation, you have the opportunity to create a truly custom window to showcase your home.

    Of course, all our window options at Nations Choice come with your choice of double or triple-pane glass and in your choice of material, including fiberglass, vinyl, or wood.

    If you have existing geometric windows that need a few updates or repairs, we provide geometric window repair in Northern Virginia.

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    When Geometric Windows Are the Right Choice

    Should you invest in geometric windows for your home? Here are the top benefits of choosing specialty-shaped windows.

    Aesthetic and Practical Benefits

    Geometric windows don’t just look pretty—they offer practical benefits for homeowners. Geometric windows are essentially a type of picture window, as they don’t open or close. As such, there is less risk of needing geometric window repair in Northern Virginia. They seal out the elements and keep them out. They are also easier to maintain.

    Specialty-shaped windows also provide character to your home, enhancing its architectural style or any unique spaces you have indoors. As opposed to traditional window shapes, geometric windows make a stunning first impression.

    Create a Unique Window Combination

    When you opt for geometric window installation, you have the choice to use geometric windows on their own or in combination with other window styles.

    Of course, geometric windows look striking on their own as a focal point. However, they also look great when used above double-hung, casement, and bay windows. Using geometric windows in combination with other window styles can help you still enjoy fresh air while appreciating the beauty of a unique window.

    You can create your own distinctive window combination depending on your home’s architecture and your preferences for framing views and getting more sunlight and fresh air.

    Add Value to Your Home

    Geometric window replacement can add value to your home. Not only can architectural windows help a room feel bigger, but they can enhance certain areas or features of your home.

    Whether you’re planning on selling your home in the future or staying put for the long haul, geometric windows are a gorgeous addition to a variety of houses, making your beautiful home even more inviting and helping it stand out to potential buyers, family, friends, and guests.

    Energy Efficient Beauty

    Since geometric windows don’t open, there’s no need to remember to lock and close them. They also seal out air and water, keeping your windows looking great and lasting for longer.

    If you have existing geometric windows and notice drafts coming in around them, it could be time for a geometric window or you may need a professional window repair.

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    The Best Places for Geometric Windows

    Geometric window installations are an excellent choice for a variety of rooms. Architectural windows can particularly complement rooms that have vaulted ceilings or angled walls. You can even have us make your geometric windows to frame beautiful views on large walls.

    Attics and foyers are also popular places for specialty windows. If you have a tight space or an unusual room that wouldn’t otherwise be able to accommodate a traditional window, a geometric window may be the perfect fit.

    If you have an existing geometric window that’s no longer fulfilling the needs of your space, Nations Choice can assist you with geometric window replacement in Northern Virginia in the style and shape of your choice.

    Find Out More About Our Geometric Windows

    From geometric window repair to new installation, Nations Choice Exteriors can help you decide if these specialty-shaped windows are a good option for your home. Contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate for your new installation today!