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Picture windows are windows that don’t contain grilles, just a large pane of glass for viewing and letting in natural light. Picture window installation in Northern Virginia is popular for homeowners who have beautiful views they don’t want to obstruct with traditional window styles such as double-hung or single-hung.

Since 1993, Nations Choice Exteriors has been providing new window installation and picture window repair in Northern Virginia. So whether you’re considering replacing a few of your windows with picture windows or simply need window maintenance, we can assist you.

Our picture window replacement helps you discover affordable, durable, and energy-efficient options for your investment. Nations Choice is proud to offer picture windows in your choice of vinyl, fiberglass, or wood to perfectly complement your style and budget.

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    When Picture Windows Are a Good Choice

    Picture windows are a gorgeous addition to virtually any home. Their versatility makes them a popular option for combining with other types of windows in different window configurations. Picture window installation provides the following benefits for homeowners who are looking for Northern Virginia window replacement options.

    Let in Maximum Light and Views

    Since picture windows don’t obstruct your view, you get maximum light throughout the day. Homeowners choose a type of picture window to let in as much light as possible while appreciating scenic views and showing off their home’s location.

    If you’re looking for picture windows, you may be able to replace two existing smaller windows with one big picture window. If you have existing picture windows that need to be restored, you can trust Nations Choice to repair your picture windows.

    Use in Combination With Other Windows

    If you’re interested in picture window installation but want windows that can open to provide fresh air, you can combine picture windows with other window styles to create a fully functional yet attractive set of windows.

    Picture windows can certainly work on their own as an accent in any room, providing gorgeous views that are unhindered by grilles or dual sashes. However, you can also combine picture windows with casement, awning, or double-hung windows to enjoy both ventilation and views.

    You can also use picture windows with bay or bow windows. Of course, you have the option to customize your picture windows and add grilles to create a uniform look with your other windows if you like.

    Improved Energy Efficiency

    Since picture windows don’t open, they are fully sealed on all sides, making them one of the most energy-efficient window options. Although they have a large pane of glass, they are insulated and can help reduce heat transfer for greater indoor comfort.

    Because they let in plenty of natural light, picture windows can also help reduce the amount of electricity you use during the day through artificial lighting, which can boost your home’s energy efficiency even more.

    If your energy bills have been unexplainably higher lately, your windows may be letting more air than you realize. Nations Choice Exteriors can help you maintain your home’s energy efficiency with picture window repairs.

    Make the Room Feel Bigger

    Since picture windows don’t obstruct your views to the outside, they can help your inside spaces feel bigger, visually removing barriers between you and the outside. Combine their views with ample natural light and you can make your home feel even larger.

    Picture window installations are an excellent choice for homeowners who want their rooms to have a more minimalistic feel. Since only the frames and glass of picture windows are visible, they can create a simplistic look.

    Their ability to make indoor space feel larger makes picture windows ideal for homeowners who have less square footage than they’d like or are selling their home and want to make their rooms feel larger.

    Less Maintenance

    Picture windows don’t require as much maintenance as windows that open and close. There’s no need to tilt in windows for washing or to clean grilles—there’s just the frame and the glass to clean.

    Since they have fewer parts, there are not many areas where water can leak in the window or heat can escape. The result is less maintenance and better longevity when you choose high quality picture window to replace your existing one.

    If you have a drafty picture window or you notice excessive condensation between the panes of glass, it may be time for a window repair.

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