Professional Roofing Services in Ashburn VA

Nations Choice has been a local home improvement company serving homeowners since 1993. As a roofing company in Ashburn VA certified with North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, GAF, we are proud to provide comprehensive residential roofing services. 

Whether you’re restoring your roof after a storm, replacing your roofing system, or need a brand-new installation from the deck up, our trusted team is here to assist you.

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    Roof Replacement With Leading-Edge Materials

    No roofing system lasts forever. Whether your roof lasts ten years or thirty, eventually you’ll need to have it replaced. Nations Choice can help you identify damage that could mean it’s time for a new roof. We abide by Virginia building code to replace your roof or remove your old layers of roofing to start fresh.

    As a GAF certified roofer, we exclusively work with GAF to deliver the highest quality shingle options to homeowners. Whether you’re on a budget and want to stick to GAF’s three-tab shingles or want to splurge for architectural shingles, you get industry-leading warranties and unparalleled quality when investing in a new roof with us.

    We understand that roof replacement Ashburn VA is a big investment for most homeowners. By choosing an experienced team and high-quality shingles, you can trust that your investment will last for as long as possible.

    Our team can help you make a color and style selection and work with you to match your vision for your new roofing system and make it a reality.

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    Fix Your Roof From Storm and Age-Related Damage

    As your roof ages, repairs are necessary from time to time to keep your roofing system strong and ready to defend your home against the elements. If your roof has experienced storm damage or wear and tear from age, the professionals at Nations Choice can help.

    We provide roof repair in Ashburn VA whether your roof is leaking, has structural damage, or has missing shingles. With our timely and professional service, you can depend on us to mitigate the damage and restore your roof as soon as possible.

    Never let roofing damage wait for a repair. Putting off a roof repair can exacerbate the problem, and if you are dealing with water or structural damage, the damage can affect the rest of your home. Even if you’re not sure if your roof has been compromised, getting an inspection with a roofing contractor can help you know what to do.

    No matter what roofing issues you’re facing, our team can identify the source of the problem and fix it. You can trust us to be honest with you if we find enough damage to warrant a roof replacement rather than multiple repairs.


    How to Know If Your Roof Needs Attention

    Although regular roof inspections are an essential part of protecting your roof and home, not every homeowner is able to safely inspect their roof. That’s where we come in. Our team can safely and comprehensively inspect your roof to identify potential problems.

    Or perhaps you’re already experiencing signs of potential roofing damage, such as water stains inside your home, active leaks, condensation in your attic, and missing shingles or shingle granules.

    Other common signs you could need a roof repair include cracked or curling shingles, moss growth on shingles, and a sagging roof or areas of your roof.

    Whether your roof has sustained damage or not, consider booking inspections twice a year to stay on top of any problems and prolong the lifespan of your residential roofing in Ashburn VA.

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    The Importance of Hiring Professional Roofers

    Choosing a roofing company with the lowest price doesn’t always translate to quality work. Since your roof is your home’s primary protection system, hiring experienced roofers to install and repair your roofing system is essential. By hiring an inexperienced roofer or one who uses subpar materials, your system may age much faster than a well-installed roof.

    An experienced roofing company in Ashburn VA should be a local, established business and have references they can provide within your area. Manufacturer certifications also let you know that you are dealing with a professional who will expertly install or repair your roofing system. Be sure to get a few quotes when hiring a roofer to help you make the best decision.

    Your Roof Is in Good Hands With Us

    Your roofing system is in good hands with the GAF certified professionals at Nations Choice. Our experienced roofers thoroughly inspect your roof to determine its condition and can then provide you with a detailed estimate for anything it may need, whether it be repairs or a complete roof replacement.

    Our team strives to provide affordable, professional service for homeowners. When you’re searching for roofing companies in Ashburn VA, contact Nations Choice to book your free, no-obligation inspection and estimate.