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When you need roofing professionals you can depend on, look no further than Nations Choice.

We are a residential roofing contractor in Fairfax VA assisting clients with roof repair, replacement, and maintenance solutions.

Since 1993, our team has helped tens of thousands of homeowners maintain their home’s most essential components. From acute storm damage to standard roof replacements, you can trust our team for the roofing solutions you need.

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    Roof Maintenance and Repairs to Protect Your Home

    Even high-quality roofing systems that were expertly installed will need repairs and maintenance over time. Your roof is your home’s first protection system against the elements, meaning it often takes a beating from hail, high winds, debris, and torrential rains.

    However, your roof doesn’t need to shelter you from a severe storm for it to experience damage. Age-related issues such as cracked flashing, missing shingles, or a sagging roof structure can all point to the need for professional repairs.

    The best way to maintain and support your roofing system for the long haul is by getting regular inspections and maintenance done with your local roofing company in Fairfax VA. With professionals maintaining your roof, you can maximize its lifespan and rest easy knowing your roof is in excellent condition.

    Nations Choice can inspect your roof regularly or after a severe storm to identify vulnerable areas that need repairs.

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    Invest in New Roofing Fairfax VA

    At some point, your roofing system will experience the natural wear and tear of protecting your home season after season. If your roof has started to need more repairs more frequently or has experienced shingle damage that can’t realistically be fixed, such as lost granules, you may need to consider roof replacement in Fairfax VA.

    Today’s asphalt roofing systems aren’t what they were in the past. These cutting-edge shingles come with technology that helps them resist common types of damage, including from hail and high winds. As a result, they are less prone to cracks, granule loss, and even color fading over time.

    Nations Choice exclusively installs GAF roofing shingles. GAF is North America’s most popular manufacturer of residential roofing shingles. We are proud to be a GAF Certified Weather Stopper Roofing Contractor. Our certification means we can expertly install GAF’s Weather Stopper Roofing System.

    From three-tab shingles to architectural options, you have a wide variety of choices when you work with Nations Choice for your roof replacement.

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    Signs You Need to Contact a Roofer

    Your roof may be only a few years old or a few decades old before it begins showing signs of wear. Some roofing systems incur unexpected storm damage, while others go for many years before needing much attention.

    Having a roofer look over your roofing system twice a year is a proactive way to identify vulnerable areas that need attention. However, even the best-maintained roofs can experience damage. If you notice shingles in your yard, water stains on your chimney, or excessive amounts of granules when cleaning out the gutters, it’s time to start looking for roofing companies in Fairfax VA.

    Our team at Nations Choice inspects residential roofing systems and structures to identify areas that could be causing issues. Whether you’re dealing with a leak or are concerned because your attic has condensation, we help you identify the root of the problem.

    An experienced roofer can also help you ensure your roof is ready to defend your home before hurricane season or ice and snow in the winter. Knowing the condition of your roof is an important first step in properly maintaining it.

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    Our Process for Your Roof Repair or New Installation

    Whether you’re getting a new roof or a roof repair in Fairfax VA, Nations Choice takes extra care to protect your home and ensure a smooth process. For roof replacements, we coordinate with you for the drop-off of the materials and confirm the installation date and time, including the estimated completion time.

    For roof repairs, some repairs may be able to be completed during your free estimate. You simply let us know if you want to move forward and if we can’t complete your job that day, we do our best to mitigate the damage and schedule a day to come out and fix the problem as soon as possible.

    Get a Roofing Estimate by Contacting Us

    Nations Choice is proud to be your go-to contractor for your residential roofing in Fairfax VA. Our GAF-certified team is here to help you take the best care of your home’s roofing system.

    Your roof inspection and estimate with us are complimentary and no-obligation. Whether you suspect your roof has been damaged or you are concerned your roof is nearing the end of its life, contact Nations Choice.