Quality Roofing Services in Herndon VA

Your home’s roof certainly makes an impression when it comes to curb appeal. However, it’s not just a pretty face—it’s your home’s first line of defense.

Your roofing system affects everything from your home’s energy efficiency to the structure of your building. When your roofing system needs maintenance, repairs, or a complete replacement, trust the professionals at Nations Choice.

We are proud to be your residential roofing company in Herndon VA.

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    Detailed Roof Inspections to Uncover Damage

    Roof inspections are necessary when you’re unaware of the condition of your roof. Whether you’re buying a new home, selling your current one, or just haven’t looked at your roof up close in some time, a professional roof inspection can help you locate damage that may not be visible from the ground.

    Unless you have a flat or low-sloped roof—which many residential properties do not have—it’s generally not safe to inspect your roof yourself. In addition, many homeowners don’t know the signs to look for that their roof has been damaged or needs maintenance.

    When you book a roofing inspection with Nations Choice, we inspect every element of your roof to look for potential damage. We closely examine flashing, gutters, shingles, roof decking, ridges, and even your attic to discover the condition of your roof.

    As an experienced roofing contractor in Herndon VA, you can depend on us to provide a detailed report of our findings so you know what your roof needs moving forward.

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    Protect Your Home With Roof Replacement

    If your home’s roof has sustained significant damage or damage that involves the entire roofing system, you may need to consider replacing your roof. Shingles that are more than two decades old, moss growth, roof leaks, and widespread shingle damage are all indicators you may need to consider a new roof.

    Nations Choice provides expert roof replacement in Herndon VA and works with North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, GAF, to provide industry-leading shingle options. All of GAF’s roofing components are designed to support maximum performance and longevity for your new roof.

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    Choose from economical three-tab shingles for an affordable yet robust system, or elevate the look of your home with GAF’s architectural shingles. Either way, you’ll enjoy beautiful color and texture, wind resistance, color fading resistance, and outstanding warranties with GAF.

    We are proud to be a GAF Certified Weather Stopper Roofing Contractor, meaning we are trained and experienced in installing GAF’s most popular roofing systems for your home.


    Professional Roof Repair Services

    Not every roofing system will need to be replaced when it experiences damage. Many roofs simply need to be repaired. Regular repairs are a part of maintaining any roofing system and prolonging its lifespan, as well as preventing damage to your home.

    Roof repairs are often necessary after severe weather, such as driving rain, high winds, or hail. If you find shingles in your yard or your gutters have significant amounts of shingle granules in them, it’s time to call a professional roofer to assess your property.

    Leaks, interior water stains, or moisture in your attic are all signs you may need roof repair in Herndon VA. If you suspect your roofing system has been compromised, don’t wait to have the damage assessed. Doing so can cause even more problems with your home, even if you don’t see signs of them yet.

    Nations Choice is a local roofer and can come out to assess your roof for repairs as soon as possible. Even if we can’t repair the damage during your estimate, we can protect vulnerable areas until they can be permanently fixed.

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    What to Look for in a Roofing Contractor

    Searching for roofing companies in Herndon VA can be a stressful process. However, it’s important to find the right professional to care for your roofing system. Start by getting estimates from local companies and see which ones you feel the best about. Remember that price shouldn’t be the deciding factor, as you get what you pay for.

    Your roofing contractor must be fully licensed and insured to work on your property. Working with a roofer who has years of experience and works with reputable materials can also help you make the right choice. A roofing company should never pressure you into making a decision or paying money upfront.

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    Book a Complimentary Estimate

    Since 1993, Nations Choice has been serving homeowners with roofing in Herndon VA. We are proud to be an A+ rated business with the Better Business Bureau in addition to being a GAF Certified roofing contractor.

    No matter what issues you’re experiencing with your roof, our team can help you get to the root of the problem and make a plan to fix it. Contact us today to book a complimentary estimate and inspection for your roof.