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Regardless of what style of home you have, your roof is a crucial component. Repairing, maintaining, and replacing your roofing system when the time comes are all essential aspects of caring for your roof, and, ultimately, your home. 

Nations Choice is your partner in caring for your residential roofing system as a roofing company in Leesburg VA

Our crews have been working with homeowners since 1993 to protect and upgrade their home’s exterior components for safe and beautiful properties.

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    Roof Replacement and New Installations

    Nations Choice provides new roof installations and roof replacement in Leesburg VA. As your roof approaches the end of its life, it can begin to cause problems such as leaks, poor ventilation, and shingle damage during inclement weather. For some homeowners, unsightly algae streaks or faded shingles are also reasons to consider a roof replacement.

    Our team thoroughly inspects your roof to determine if you need a few repairs or if it’s time to replace your roof. We are well-versed in Virginia building codes and can help you obtain permits for roofing your property, as may be necessary on historic homes, or can remove layers of older roofing systems if needed.

    If you’re building a new construction home, we can build your roofing system from the deck up, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship to create a sound and durable new roofing system to protect your home for decades to come.

    We offer GAF asphalt shingles for your new roof in both economical and designer options so you can customize your roof’s look and performance.

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    Why Choose Asphalt Shingles?

    Asphalt shingles are affordable, versatile, and can even be recycled at the end of their life. Nations Choice works with GAF roofing shingles to provide three-tab shingle options, which have a uniform appearance, and architectural shingles, which provide unique thickness and texture to mimic more expensive roofing materials.

    While architectural shingles come with longer manufacturer warranty options, three-tab shingles still provide protection, beauty, and GAF’s roofing technology, such as algae resistance and wind protection for your home. Our team can help you decide on the right shingle for your new roofing system.

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    Asphalt roofing systems are also lightweight, meaning your existing roof structure won’t need to be reinforced as it would for heavier roofing materials such as tile or slate. With GAF shingles, you can get the look of these materials without the additional cost.

    Nations Choice is proud to be a GAF Certified Weather Stopper Roofing Contractor in Leesburg VA, meaning we are trained and certified to install GAF roofing systems.


    The Top Roofing Contractor In Leesburg VA

    Although widespread damage on your roofing system is typically a sign that you need to replace your roof, many roofs need repairs instead of replacement. Storms can often cause damage that requires a professional to fix, such as cracked flashing or missing shingles that lead to leaks. However, as a roof ages, similar damage can happen.

    Having your roof inspected is an integral part of identifying damage and repairing your system as needed. Without inspections, you may not be aware of roofing damage that can accumulate and cause larger problems later on. By being proactive about roof repairs and maintenance, you can save money over time and have a roof that lasts longer.

    Nations Choice provides professional roof repair in Leesburg VA for roofs that are missing shingles, have compromised ventilation or flashing, or are leaking. We also repair loose, broken, or curling shingles.

    No matter what issue you’re facing with your roof, you can trust our team to identify the cause of the problem and repair it.

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    How to Find the Right Roofing Contractor

    Get started looking for roofers by asking friends and family in the area if they have any recommendations. The roofing companies in Leesburg VA you consider should be local, experienced, licensed, and insured. Manufacturer certifications are generally an indication that you are dealing with a reputable roofer.

    Although price is a consideration when choosing a roofing company, it shouldn’t be the only one. Consider the contractor’s experience, the materials they work with, and follow up with any local references the roofer provides. Doing your due diligence will help you find the best company for your roof repair or replacement.

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    For all your residential roofing in Leesburg VA, Nations Choice is there. With our experienced team and industry-leading products, we provide high-quality craftsmanship and excellent manufacturer warranty options. Whether you need a roof repair, replacement, or simply a roof inspection, we are there.

    Not only are we a fully licensed and insured contractor, we are also a GAF certified roofer and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Contact us to book a free quote for your next residential roofing project.