Siding Installation Services in McLean VA

New siding installation is a big job, and it’s one you wouldn’t trust to just any siding contractor in McLean VA. Trust your property’s exterior to Nations Choice when your home is ready for new siding. We work with industry-leading fiber cement siding products to replace your McLean siding and trim and have been working in the area since 1993.

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    How to Decide If It’s Time for New Siding

    Your home’s siding doesn’t just affect the appearance of your property. Siding plays a significant role in protecting your structure from the elements, keeping out moisture, debris, and pests. If your siding is starting to require frequent maintenance or repairs, it may be time to consider siding replacement in McLean VA.

    Different siding materials can show various types of wear. For example, if you have vinyl siding, you may notice bubbling paint, warped siding boards, or even water-logged siding. Meanwhile, wood siding can crack, split, and rot, making your home vulnerable to mold and moisture damage.

    No matter what type of siding damage you’re seeing, don’t wait to get your siding inspected by a professional. New siding in McLean can increase your home’s curb appeal, protect your structure, and increase your property value.

    With our experienced siding professionals, Nations Choice can help you determine if it’s time to replace your home’s siding.

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    Choosing the Best New Siding Material

    When it’s time to upgrade your McLean siding, you have different material options to choose from. Vinyl is the most affordable material and comes in a wide range of styles and colors, while wood can provide a rustic look that you can paint any color you like. Metal siding has also become popular.

    At Nations Choice, we install fiber cement siding, which offers robust protection from the elements, outstanding color longevity, and a 30-year warranty. With fiber cement, you can create the perfect style and color for your home and enjoy minimal maintenance with your new siding.

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    Fiber cement siding comes in vertical boards, shake-style shingles, and even textured architectural panels so you can complement your home’s architecture with a rustic or modern look. Don’t worry about painting your siding every few years just to maintain curb appeal—fiber cement siding comes with a 15-year color warranty.

    As a local siding contractor in McLean VA, Nations Choice can work with you to create the ideal color and style combination for your property with our fiber cement siding options.


    What to Keep in Mind When Replacing Your Siding

    Siding doesn’t need to be deteriorating before you consider siding replacement in McLean VA. The sooner you can replace siding that is approaching the end of its life, the better. New siding will protect your home and reduce the chances that your structure would suffer from problems from rotting or loose siding.

    Before choosing new siding in McLean, you’ll also want to consider if you’ll be selling your home in the future or staying put. If you plan on selling your property, this may affect the siding material, color, and style you choose. Your siding contractor can let you know their suggestions if you want a second opinion on your siding’s style and color choice.

    You’ll also want to consider the energy efficiency of your new siding, especially since siding helps support indoor comfort. Knowing how new siding will affect your home’s energy efficiency is important when updating your property’s exterior.

    Your contractor will let you know anything you need to do to prepare for installation day before the crew arrives at your home to install your new siding.

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    Finding the Right Siding Professionals

    Any McLean siding professional should remove and dispose of your old siding and conduct any repairs needed before installing the new siding material. When looking for the right siding contractor, always choose a licensed and insured company, preferably one that has industry experience their references can attest to.

    Your siding contractor in McLean VA should also work with reputable brands and materials in the siding industry. After all, your new siding should last for many years before needing to be replaced. You want to be sure the job is done right to protect your investment.

    Let Us Help You With Your New Siding

    Siding replacement in McLean VA doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Our team at Nations Choice is here to walk you through the siding replacement process to ensure you make the best investment in your property’s protection and curb appeal.

    In addition to being a licensed and insured contractor, we are also an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm, meaning should your property have old siding with lead paint, we safely and responsibly remove and dispose of it. Contact our siding professionals today to book a free estimate for your new siding in McLean.