Siding Replacement in Northern Virginia

Siding plays a crucial role in protecting your home from the elements and supporting its energy efficiency, not to mention curb appeal. Replacing siding as necessary can help you continue to have a beautiful, energy-efficient home that’s protected against Mother Nature.

Since 1993, Nations Choice has worked with homeowners desiring the very best siding replacement Northern Virginia offers. Our team works with industry-leading products from James Hardie® to help you create a custom, gorgeous look for your new siding while investing in decades of dependable performance.

Is your siding faded, damaged, or just not suiting your taste anymore? Whether you have a historic or contemporary home, we can assist you with new siding installation in Northern Virginia.

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    How Long Does Siding Last?

    How long your siding lasts before you need Northern Virginia siding replacement will depend on a few factors, including:

    • The material of your siding, as some materials last longer than others

    • How well your siding was installed

    • How well your siding has been maintained over the years

    For example, wood siding may last only 10 to 15 years before requiring replacement, while vinyl siding can last 20 years and steel up to 50. Fiber cement siding can last a minimum of 30 years and up to 50 years.

    Your siding’s lifetime will also depend on your home’s location. For example, houses in areas that get a lot of rain or heat will typically have siding that ages faster, whereas homes in drier, cooler areas may not see as much siding damage.

    Our team at Nations Choice can inspect your siding to determine if you need Northern Virginia siding installation for your home.

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    The Siding Replacement Northern Virginia Chooses Most

    Many types of siding can last for decades without needing to be replaced, including metal, vinyl, fiber cement, and wood shake. However, all siding materials that aren’t stone or brick will need to be replaced eventually.

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    You may need Northern Virginia siding replacement if your siding is:

    Showing signs of moisture damage

    Once moisture gets under siding, it can cause rotting, mold, and warping that can affect your home’s safety and energy efficiency. Widespread moisture damage is a sign that your siding needs to be replaced.

    Damaged in more than one area

    Localized damage can typically be repaired, but if your siding has widespread damage, such as rot, cracks, or mold, new siding installation will likely be a better investment than repairing several large areas.

    Cracked or warped

    Cracked, split, or warped siding can create gaps and holes where moisture and pests can get in, which can compromise the ability of your siding to protect your structure and affect your home’s energy efficiency.

    Displaying bubbling paint

    If you have painted siding that’s bubbling, this is a sign of moisture or heat damage that could indicate your siding is no longer doing its job of protecting your home.

    For some homeowners, their siding may be in relatively good shape, but they are ready to invest in a lower maintenance material or a new color to refresh their property’s curb appeal. Whether you plan to sell your home or stay put, Northern Virginia siding installation can give your property a dramatic update.

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    Invest in the Perfect Siding for Your Home

    Siding installation in Northern Virginia is a significant investment. Your choice of color, style, and material will affect your home’s appearance and protection against the elements for many years to come. However, choosing the best new siding doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

    Our professional and friendly team at Nations Choice can help you make the best choice for your new siding, from helping you match your existing color to making recommendations based on your style and budget.

    When we professionally install your new siding, you get both manufacturer and labor warranties. Our fiber cement siding and trim options from James Hardie come with a 30-year warranty, including a 15-year warranty on color, allowing you to make a smart investment for your siding replacement in Northern Virginia.

    James Hardie fiber cement siding also allows you to customize your home’s look with your Northern Virginia siding installation. For example, you can mimic the look of real wood or stucco with the low-maintenance and high performance of fiber cement, along with matching trim elements.

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    Get a Free Estimate and Inspection With Our Team

    Don’t put off your Northern Virginia siding replacement. When your home’s siding is compromised, it can quickly impact your energy bills and lead to dangerous moisture damage that can ultimately affect your home’s safety.

    Nations Choice can help you decide when the best time to replace your siding is. During your free estimate, we comprehensively inspect your siding and trim to assess its condition and let you know our professional recommendation for moving forward. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate!