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Replacing your home’s siding means updating your exterior for better energy efficiency, curb appeal, and protection against the elements. But when it’s time for siding replacement in Rockville MD, where do you start? The best place to begin is by getting a siding inspection with an experienced contractor. Nations Choice works with you to help you decide if it’s time to replace your siding in Rockville and the best material and color to replace it with.

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    Signs It May Be Time to Update Your Siding

    Updating exterior siding is a significant investment for most homeowners. As such, it’s important to consider whether your siding really needs to be replaced. If you have had your current siding for decades and it’s beginning to show signs of wear, it may be time to think about replacing it.

    Your Rockville siding also impacts your home’s energy performance, so if you have dated siding and are noticing higher-than-usual energy bills, your siding could be to blame. New siding can enhance your home’s indoor comfort while providing robust protection against the elements.

    Siding with bubbling paint, warped boards, holes, or loose shingles may need to be replaced. If you notice signs of damage underneath loose or gapped siding boards, it’s time to have a siding contractor in Rockville MD come out to assess the condition of your siding.

    A few areas of damage may not be cause for a siding replacement, but widespread problems typically mean a new siding installation is in your future.

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    Features of Fiber Cement Siding Products

    When replacing your siding in Rockville, you have options for the material you choose. Nations Choice is proud to install leading-edge fiber cement siding products to deliver exceptional curb appeal and lasting protection for your home with extended warranty options.

    Fiber cement siding offers excellent resistance to common types of damage thanks to its rigid construction. It won’t expand and contract with moisture or temperature changes. In fact, fiber cement siding boards and shingles resist damage from water, fire, pests, and even color fading over time.

    You also have a wide range of styles and colors to choose from when you select fiber cement as your new siding material. From traditional planks to shingles and textured panels, you can truly create a customized look for your home with a siding contractor in Rockville MD. You even have the option to have siding primed so you can paint it any color you like or choose from one of our many beautiful color options.

    Homeowners also love that fiber cement siding is low-maintenance. Our fiber cement siding and trim products at Nations Choice only need annual or bi-annual cleaning with water to remove dirt and debris.

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    Why Consider a Certified Installer for Your New Siding

    Although you have many options when choosing your siding contractor in Rockville MD, it’s important to consider siding professionals who have been in the business for years and work with industry-leading products to support your investment.

    It’s also a good idea to look for a certified installer when replacing your siding. A siding company that is manufacturer or factory-certified by the maker of the products they install ensures that your new siding in Rockville will be installed according to manufacturer specifications by trained and experienced professionals.

    You should always work with a contractor who is licensed and insured in your state as well as one that can provide references. Ask the company about the products they work with and any manufacturer certifications they may have.

    Nations Choice is not only a licensed and insured Rockville siding company, but we also maintain manufacturer certifications to provide you with a superior siding installation and peace of mind.

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    Benefits of Upgrading Your Exterior

    Investing in siding replacement in Rockville MD doesn’t just improve the appearance of your home. It supports energy performance, curb appeal, and your structure’s protection against hail, wind, and rain, all of which can work to increase the value of your property.

    Contemporary siding also requires less maintenance than traditional materials such as wood. New siding can be a worthy exterior upgrade if you’re considering selling your property. Buyers want a home that not only looks great but with exterior protection they know will last.

    Work With Us for Your Siding Replacement

    Since 1993, Nations Choice has delivered professional Rockville siding solutions to homeowners to create beautiful, protected exteriors. As a factory-certified siding contractor, we take pride in our craftsmanship when it comes to transforming your home with the perfect siding material.

    If you’re tired of maintaining your siding or are noticing signs that your exterior isn’t as protected as it once was, contact our team to book your free siding estimate today to see if you need to consider siding replacement in Rockville MD.