Quality Custom Siding Installations in Silver Spring MD

Updating your home’s siding in Silver Spring can feel like a hassle, but with Nations Choice, it doesn’t have to be. We have been providing siding solutions for homeowners since 1993. Our experienced professionals make the entire process as stress-free as possible from start to finish. Combine our customer service with our cutting-edge siding products and manufacturer certifications and you not only have beautiful new Silver Spring siding but siding that will last for decades.

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    Signs It Could Be Time for Siding Replacement

    Although many types of siding can last for decades, eventually, your exterior will begin to show wear that can jeopardize the safety of your home. If siding becomes warped or loose, or cracks or splits, water can access the structure underneath, which can cause bigger problems than those you started with.

    Never ignore the signs of siding damage. For example, damaged siding may need more maintenance than usual or make your home look more dated than it really is. Siding that begins to deteriorate is one of the first signs you need to consider siding replacement in Silver Spring MD.

    Dated siding may also have holes from pests or impact damage. You may see uneven color fading or, in cases of metal siding, rust or corrosion. Getting an inspection with an experienced siding contractor can help you determine if your siding has enough damage to warrant a replacement.

    Fortunately, getting new Silver Spring siding can dramatically enhance the appearance and protection of your home, increasing your property value and your home’s safety.

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    Get Stunning New Fiber Cement Siding

    As an experienced siding contractor in Silver Spring MD, Nations Choice knows the value of high-quality siding for properties. That’s why we work with industry-leading fiber cement siding products to bring you the highest quality siding for maximum longevity and durability.

    Fiber cement siding is non-combustible and, since it is made partially of cement, won’t absorb moisture like other types of siding. Its robust construction means it resists damage from pests and impacts, such as from hail or debris. With baked-on color, our fiber cement products have outstanding color longevity and come with a 15-year color warranty.

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    We understand you want a siding material that’s low-maintenance. With fiber cement siding Silver Spring, you’ll only have to wash your siding once a year or every six months with water to keep it looking beautiful.

    Fiber cement siding has become a popular option for homeowners because of its color vibrancy, durability, and value. Our team at Nations Choice can help you decide if fiber cement is the right material for your new siding.

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    Contemporary Style for Your Home

    Although traditional siding materials such as wood and metal can create a distinctive look for your property, fiber cement siding gives you the same option with lower maintenance and better longevity. Fiber cement comes in a variety of styles, including shakes, boards, and architectural panels.

    While shakes can be used as an accent feature or to create a rustic appearance for your home, architectural panels allow for a more modern look and come in your choice of smooth or textured. Traditional plank boards can be used horizontally or vertically so you can design your perfect look with siding replacement Silver Spring MD.

    All of our fiber cement siding products can be completed with trim and soffit to fully protect your home and match the color and style of your new siding. However, we can also help you choose a contrasting color to create an even more distinguished look.

    From choosing your siding’s style to the color and trim, Nations Choice can help you make the best decisions for your new Silver Spring siding.

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    Choosing the Best Siding Contractor

    When looking for the best siding contractor in Silver Spring MD to update your exterior, you want to choose a professional who not only works with reputable siding brands but has been in business for years and is an established, local company.

    Verify the contractor’s license and insurance and ask about any certifications they may have. It doesn’t hurt to follow up with references and research the company’s online reputation as well. Since siding is a critical component of your home, it’s important to do your due diligence when hiring a contractor for your new siding in Silver Spring.

    Get Started With Your Next Siding Project

    When you’re considering siding replacement in Silver Spring MD, contact Nations Choice to get started. Putting off a siding installation can exacerbate any existing damage to your home, leading to more repairs before your siding can be installed.

    Ready to transform your home with high-quality siding? Book a free estimate and inspection with a siding contractor in Silver Spring MD today by contacting our team at Nations Choice.