Custom Exterior Siding Solutions in Washington DC

New siding is an excellent way to enhance the curb appeal of your home. However, investing in new siding also gives your property better protection against the elements. At Nations Choice, we exclusively work with high-quality siding products to install gorgeous new siding to improve your home. We have been providing siding replacement in Washington DC since 1993 and are proud to be factory-certified installers for your next siding job in the Nation’s Capital.

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    Advantages of Replacing Your Siding

    Replacing your siding in Washington DC has many benefits for your property. Siding replacement allows you to transform the exterior of your property by updating the color, style, and material of your siding. So if you have deteriorating siding or an exterior that just doesn’t complement your home anymore, it could be time to replace your siding.

    New siding can also increase the value of your property. Whether you’re planning to put your home on the market or just want to enjoy stunning curb appeal, updating your exterior with new DC siding can create lasting value for your property.

    Since siding helps insulate your home in addition to protecting it from the elements, replacing your siding may also impact your property’s energy efficiency. Often, new siding can help create a more comfortable interior with lower energy bills.

    Of course, siding also fortifies your structure with improved protection against the elements. When you have new siding installed by a professional siding contractor in Washington DC, you can expect many years of reliable protection against wind, rain, hail, and debris.

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    The Best Time to Consider New Siding

    Each property is different, and there’s no set rule for when to have your home evaluated for new siding. However, most homeowners begin to notice signs that their siding is no longer protecting their home, including cracked or split siding, mold or moisture damage, or warped siding boards.

    Other property owners may consider siding replacement in Washington DC when their siding’s color is faded or has uneven wear, which can impact the appearance of their exterior. In some cases, a new coat of paint can improve the existing siding. However, if your siding is decades old and showing damage, a replacement may be more cost-effective.

    The best time to consider updating your exterior is before siding deteriorates to the point that it impacts your home’s structure or safety. Don’t wait until your exterior has rotting siding or loose boards to consider replacement. Instead, save money on repairs and have your home evaluated for new siding with an experienced siding company.

    Nations Choice can help you decide if it’s time to update your DC siding with a comprehensive inspection.


    Why Choose Fiber Cement Siding Products?

    Fiber cement siding has become of the most popular siding materials for homeowners because of its longevity, beauty, and color retention. Nations Choice installs fiber cement siding in Washington DC and is a factory-certified installer with leading brands in the siding industry.

    Made from cement, cellulose fibers, and sand, fiber cement siding comes with a 30-year warranty and, when installed properly, gives your home decades of dependable protection against the elements. Fiber cement doesn’t absorb moisture like other siding materials and has a Class A fire rating, meaning it’s non-combustible.

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    Our fiber cement siding products also come with baked-on color for outstanding color longevity so you won’t have to worry about your siding fading within the first few years. In fact, with baked-on color technology, you get a 15-year warranty on your siding’s color.

    As a siding contractor in Washington DC, Nations Choice can complete your next siding job with trim and soffit to match or complement your siding for an elegant exterior.


    Working With the Best Siding Company

    When replacing your DC siding, you wouldn’t trust just any company to work on your home. You need a local, experienced, and certified contractor who will install your new siding right the first time. Look for an established company in the area that can provide you with local references and proof of their license and insurance.

    The products the company works with and the warranties they offer are also essential considerations. Choosing a siding contractor in Washington DC who has a wide range of products for you to select from can help you create the best new look for your home.

    Get Started With Your Next Siding Project

    When it’s time for new siding in Washington DC, schedule a complimentary inspection and estimate with the siding professionals at Nations Choice. We make your new siding installation as stress-free as possible with our industry-leading products, courteous team, and expert craftsmanship.

    Let us help you update your exterior for robust protection and gorgeous curb appeal—contact us for your siding replacement in Washington DC today.