Single Hung Windows

If you’re looking for the most affordable window on the market, single-hung windows may be the choice for you. Single-hung windows are the windows you typically see in historic homes. They have one sash that moves to allow fresh air in, rather than the two sashes double-hung windows have.

Whether you want to replicate the look of your existing windows with single-hung window or you’re considering single-hung windows for a new installation, Nations Choice Exteriors can help you make the best choice. We also provide single-hung window repair in Northern Virginia.

Our team offers a variety of window styles, including single-hung windows, to help you preserve your home’s style while enhancing energy efficiency and beauty. As one of the most practical window choices, single-hung window installation could be your best choice when you need a new window replacement in Northern Virginia.

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    Single Hung vs. Double Hung

    Single-hung windows work a bit differently than double-hung ones. Although these window styles can look similar, there’s one major difference: single-hung windows have a fixed sash at the top, whereas double-hung windows have two mobile sashes that can move up or down for you to catch breezes through both the top and bottom of the window

    With double-hung windows, you have more opportunity for ventilation but less energy efficiency than single-hung windows. Single-hung windows are also more affordable than double-hung windows. This is true even if you need single-hung window repair.

    When you’re weighing the pros and cons of single-hung and double-hung windows, our team at Nations Choice can help you make the right decision for your double or single-hung window installation in Northern Virginia.

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    Why Choose Single-Hung Windows?

    Homeowners appreciate the simple function and practicality of single-hung windows, but those aren’t the only reasons that installing single-hung windows could be your best choice. You might choose single-hung windows to experience the following benefits.


    Single-hung windows are one of the most affordable windows you can install and repair. They are easier for our team at Nations Choice to install, which helps reduce labor costs and saves time during your installation. As with all of our window options, you can choose your materials for your single-hung window replacement. We offer charming wood, durable fiberglass, and affordable vinyl for your new single-hung windows with us.

    Energy Efficiency

    Although they look similar to double-hung windows, single-hung windows offer better energy efficiency since they have only one moving sash—the top sash is fixed. As a result of their fewer moving parts, single-hung windows provide excellent energy efficiency while still giving you a traditional window style. If your existing single-hung windows are drafty or letting in moisture in the form of condensation, we can restore your windows with single-hung window repair.

    Preserve Historic Feel

    If you have a historic home, single-hung window installation can be a great option. Your home may have existing single-hung windows and you want to preserve the historic feel, or you may opt to replace your windows with a different style. Single-hung windows can also help maintain the historic charm and appeal of older homes such as Cape Cod-style houses, historic cottages, bungalows, and Colonials.

    Save Space

    stick out from your home or take up any interior space. Single-hung window installation can be a great choice for areas that may not have as much room for windows that open inward, such as hallways or foyers.

    Single-hung windows also only open in one direction—up—meaning you won’t have to plan for being able to reach the top of the window to open it as you would with a double-hung window. Their accessibility means you have more options for placing these windows in your home without sacrificing interior space.

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    We Also Repair Single-Hung Windows

    In addition to offering replacements for single-hung windows, Nations Choice also offers professional window repair to protect your home’s windows and enhance energy efficiency for better indoor comfort.

    If your single-hung windows are difficult to open or close, have broken locks, are drafty, leaking, or have cracked glass, we can help you with single-hung window repair, to keep your windows secure and beautiful.

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