Custom Design Window Replacement in Warrenton VA

Whether you’re moving into a new property or renovating your home and need new windows, Nations Choice Exteriors can help. 

We provide the window replacement Warrenton VA homeowners choose when quality and trust matter. We have many options from leading manufacturers to fit your style and budget. Our team has provided professional replacement window solutions to homeowners in Warrenton since 1993. 

From specialty-shaped windows to traditional options, we have the selection and quality you need to enhance and protect your home.

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    Choose Your Window Frame Material and Glass Options

    One of the benefits of getting custom-made replacement windows is that you get to choose all the features that make the most sense for your specific property in Warrenton. You can choose from fiberglass windows with minimal framing to gorgeous wood windows to versatile vinyl frames.

    You can also customize your glass options. We offer glass with Low-E coatings to help reduce heat transfer. These glass coatings can also reduce the sun’s rays from fading your interior paint and furniture. You also have the option for triple-paned glass if you live in a noisy area, such as next to a busy roadway. If you want a window with extra flair, consider our tinted glass options.

    If you’re concerned about window damage from high winds or debris, we offer impact-resistant glass that meets both Impact Zone 3 (IZ3) and Impact Zone 4 (IZ4) certifications.

    Although you have many features to choose from for your window replacement in Warrenton VA, Nations Choice makes it simple to build your perfect window with our professional guidance.

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    Your Window Replacement Warrenton VA, Your Style

    Whether you need a full or partial window replacement, you can customize your new window to reflect your style and bring out your Warrenton home’s best features. You have the option of choosing from wood grain, paint, or finish choices along with custom grilles.

    Our window styles range from sensible double-hung to custom bay window arrangements. For those unique or hard-to-reach areas, casement, awning, and slider windows make an excellent choice. For walls where you want a clear view without feeling like you’re looking through a window pane, consider picture windows.

    We also offer custom geometric windows to highlight distinctive areas in your home, such as angled walls, foyers with high ceilings, or even your attic. Geometric windows can also be paired with functional windows for a custom window arrangement.

    If you don’t have a style in mind, our team can walk you through your options for your replacement windows Warrenton VA.


    When to Consider Replacement Windows

    Older windows don’t offer the insulation and energy efficiency that modern windows do. If you find that your windows are letting your indoor air out while letting cold or hot air in even after trying to seal them, it could be time to consider window replacement in Warrenton VA.

    Damage to your window frame is also a sign that you need new windows. Rotting or warped frames can let in drafts and pests, while dated metal frames allow for more heat transfer, resulting in reduced energy performance.

    Some homeowners choose to replace their windows simply because they want a custom-fit window instead of the DIY job the previous owner did. No matter what your motivation is for getting new windows, we can assist you.

    We conduct a full inspection of your windows in Warrenton to determine if you could get by with a repair or if it’s time to consider replacing your windows.

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    Why Work With a Professional Window Company?

    Windows require a tight fit to keep out drafts and pests, but they shouldn’t be so snug in their frames that they are difficult to open, close, or lock. Purchasing windows on your own and attempting to install them can lead to windows that don’t fit, or even worse, windows that lead to gaps or are difficult to operate after they’re installed.

    Professional window installation ensures your windows will fit perfectly when they arrive. Our team precisely measures your window openings and has your windows custom-made so there are no surprises come installation day, and you’ll have fully functional and beautiful windows for many years to come.

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    How to Prepare for Replacement Window Installation

    To prepare for your window replacement in Warrenton VA, remove anything on your windows, including blinds, curtains, or decorations, including items on the window sills. If you are able, remove any outside obstacles to your windows. Don’t worry about bushes or greenery—our team will take extra care when working on your property.

    If you have security alarms on your windows, you will need to turn these off so that our team can access and remove the windows without an alarm going off. If there are any extra steps you need to take, we will let you know before your installation. Contact Nations Choice to get started with your replacement windows today.